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All-New Kampung Inggris Kebumen (KIK) 2018

Berita Terbaru 05 Februari 2018 11:22:50 WIB Seksi Dikmas dibaca 758 kali

Wednesday, 31st of January 2018 was the starting point of Kampung Inggris Kebumen to show it performance and also as a proof that it could survive and develop with the new team. This team are currently consisted 13 tutors who have already accomplished their full one and a half years training program in Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri. These 13 personnel are coming from the nearby village around Jatijajar village, Ayah district, Kebumen who are willingly and highly motivated to take Kampung Inggris Kebumen to the next level without the support of FEE CENTER, Pare-Kediri as the MoU of supporting consultant had already been expired by December 2017.

A journey comes from the small steps. On the first batch of program year of 2018, there were 154 English course participants on Batch 1-2018 program, who were successfully following the program. The new team were able to stand for the best educating performance they could deliver to the course program participant. They were well managed to keep the everything right on the track such as maintaining the character building through the religious activates and also discipline drill throughout the course program. More over this new team were able to create a fresh new concept on the final performance of the participant at the Specta Student Show with the touch of local wisdom and culture.

The character building including local wisdom and religious aspect is one of the main issues of today’s challenge in our education system. The Head of Education Office of Kebumen Regency, Mr. H. Ahmad Ujang Sugiono, underlined this issue in his closing remarks speech to be maintained in KIK as a holistic program both English skill and also character building. Furthermore, this concept of character building education is strongly inline with the national education direction program as stated in the Perpres No.87 2017. He also expressed his gratitude to all new team member who have been performed a good attitude in doing the duty as the tutors of Kampung Inggris Kebumen.

Hope and struggle will never betray the result of an effort. This is the closing remarks of the new KIK spirit to develop and to grow along with the challenge in our education system, may God bless and allow us to be able to stay in the right track by His grace.

Kampung Inggris Kebumen (KIK)
Jln. Jatijajar Km.2, Desa Jatijajar,
Kec. Ayah, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah

Kode Pos: 54473

Mobile: 0813-9084-2016