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Spirit and Enthusiasm Under the Raining and Flooding Day

Berita Terbaru 19 Oktober 2017 15:00:54 WIB Seksi Dikmas dibaca 150 kali

Kampung Inggris Kebumen (KIK) Closing Program : Spirit and Enthusiasm Under the Raining and Flooding Day

Jatijajar, October 17th 2017. Kampung Inggris Kebumen (KIK) conducted the closing program for Batch 24th after have been completing the 14 days of intensive English course. The closing program called Specta Student Show (SSS) is the place to give the English Course participant to do on stage performance in English in the end of the program.  It gave every student a chance to express their ability and also talent by using the English Language for the whole performance.

There was a quite different closing program compared to the previous batches before. It had been raining all day long before the D-day of the performance. The rain was so hard and Jatijajar village as the KIK’s established location was unable to coup with the water. The water level was rising rapidly and turn the whole area into a flooded land yet the 123 participating students were able to keep their spirit and did the performance well. Fortunately, the stage platform was set just right above the flood level, so the closing program could run well.

In the end of the program, Mrs. Aminah, S.Pd. M.M addressed her proud of all of the participants who could accomplish the intensive 14-day English training under uneasy circumstances such as that flooding morning. She advised the participating students to be able to keep their spirit in learning even in such bad condition. She also addressed her gratitude for the distinguish guests who were able to join in the wet and flooding morning to see the students’ performance.